February 28, 2010

Ooops my top is on backwards...

This cute little She Said dolmen  sleeve top was just $2.47 at JC Penny's, one of the 11 that I found during there 80% clearance sale last week.  I am actually wearing the top backwards  because I wanted to wear my INC lace bustier top that I found at Macy's for $4.99.  The back of the top has a deep v cut so I just switched it around, paired the two with some jeans and my Report Cargo Boots.  I wore this outfit out to dinner with some friends last night and no one but me of course, knew that the top was backwards.  Got lots of compliments on the bustier.


*She Said Dolmen Top ~ JC Penny's
*INC Lace Bustier ~ Macy's
*True Religion Jeans ~ Nordstrom's
*Report Cargo Boots ~ Via eBay

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