January 27, 2010

Where is the nearest ATM machine?

Today while out with my mom enjoying the nice 70 degree weather in Texas we came across a sample sale. While driving by I made the comment "It's sample stuff so I am sure something is wrong with it", my mom looked at me like I was crazey and said "if you don't turn this car around..."  So reluctantly I turned around  and all I could say was "Thanks mom".  I was AMAZED at what I found.  They had designer named brands like Michael Kors, Chico's, Anne Klein Guess, DKNY, and many more starting at $.99 cents nothing was over $4.50.    I could not find any of the high end designer names in my size, but I did come up with some great finds...So look at some of the cool stuff I found;


  • Black One Shoulder  Top by House of Dereon Top $1.50 ( retails for $52.00)
  • White Cargo Pants by Chico's $1.50 (retails for $60.00)

  • Brown Top by Apostrophe $1.50 (retails for $44.00)
  • Boyfriend Denim Jeans by Madison (MISSING THE BUTTON)  $4.50 ( retails for $72.00)

  • Black Cropped Pants by Chico's  (MISSING THE BUTTON) $.99cents (retails for $60.00)
  • Multi Colored Halter Top by INC International Concepts $4.99 (retails for $69.00)

  • Denim Dress by Levi Strauss $1.99 (retails for $75.00) 

Plus I got this cute little over the shoulder swing pack bag for $3.00,  it retails for $110.00, I love these types of bags while out shopping it keep my hands free for holding more important things...
    Of course they would not take any other form of payment other then cash, so I had to go find an ATM machine, which I did not mind doing at all.  I spent a total of $19.97, these DEALS were definitely ATM machine worthy.

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