January 6, 2010

The Eyes Have it...Wednesday's Deal and Steal

In this rough economy where budgets are tight, the one thing I personally do not want to leave behind is my beauty routine! My signature style somewhat clean and simple makeup but I do focus a lot of my eyes.  I LOVE EYESHADOW. L’Oreal has made it possible for me to keep my beauty routine while sticking to a budget.  L’Oreal HIP High Intensity Pigments Metallic Shadow Duos are very similar to MAC eye shadows, but cost way less!!!


The Metallic Shadow Duos are not only budget friendly they are packed with pigment power for an ultimate color pay-off. The L’Oreal HIP line has combined a winning combination of value and product. These duo packs have even taken the guesswork out of color theory by pairing up colors that are complimentary in each shadow compact. They come in five shade pairings: Gilded, Magnetic, Gunmetal, Platinum, and Sculpted and retail for about $7.99 for each set, and some drugstores sometimes offer a buy one get one half off.   Today while browsing ebay I came across a seller who sells the HIP Duos for $3.99 with .99 cents shipping.  The seller had a "make an offer option" which I did.  I made an offer to buy 8 for $2.00 each and the seller accepted, I could not believe it, I was able to get 8 HIP Duos for $20 bucks including shipping.  If you are looking for some great shadows with lots of pigment and don't want to spend a lot of money  you should try these, the seller still has some available.  Go check it out...seller name:  2925cox

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