May 12, 2010

Quest for the PERFECT White Summer Bag...

I am on a quest for the perfect white summer handbag.  I love wearing white during the spring and summer months. It seems as though the white shade adds a fresh look to every getup.   I have found a couple that I like but cannot seem to makeup my mind...You know how we girls are we have to get the opinion of our girlfriends.   So I want your opinion.  Take a look at the ones I have chosen and let me know which one you think would make the perfect summer bag.  I want to say in the "vogue" without spending a fortune.

Style # 1 priced @ $34.95

Style # 2 priced @ $29.95

Style # 3 priced @ $29.95

So what do you think?  Which one do you think would make the perfect summer handbag that is cheap yet very chic.  Thanks ladies, I value your opinion...

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