March 22, 2010

My Colin Stuart Lace Up's

I spotted the cutest Colin Stuart lace up shoes on Ebay last week.  The auction  had 1 minute til closing with the highest bid at $2.95...Yes there was a FLAW, the toe band on the right shoe was separated at the center.
I went ahead and placed my bid because I thought a shoe repair could easily fix this.  Needless to say I won them for $5.50, with shipping I paid $10.45.  Well the shoes arrived Saturday and I immediately took them to my local shoe repair to see how much they would charge to fix this small little flaw...$30.00 bucks!!!  I was floored as all the shoe needed was to be sewn and connected together at the toe band.  I left the store, shoes in hand and headed over to Walgreen's to pick up a bottle of Mighty Mendit for $8.99.

This stuff is great.  When I got home I immediately used the glue on my shoe and instantly my problem was fixed.  This glue is a permanent bonding agent and works on bonding fabric, lace, trim, leather and wood.  It  holds fast and is quick to dry, great for quick repairs.  My shoes were dry in less then two hours.  On my toes...SCANDAL by Sinful Colors

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